Equine Workshops with Jenny Rolfe


"Top to Toe" for the Rider & Horse

Jenny is a Classical Rider, trained with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art: Jenny focuses and works with riders and horses for a deeper balance and connection. 

"Top to Toe" Days include

  • Enhance your relationship with your horse
  • Learn the art of loose work
  • Learn the art of lungeing
  • Work in hand and riding following Classical tradition
  • Develop personal awareness
  •  Combine training experience with relaxation of mind and spirit  
  • Stretching for suppleness techniques
  • Providing a Bespoke  lesson for you and your horse to learn going forward.

"Top to Toe" days  are hosted by Little Green Stables and are held in conjunction with Cassie Hall from Four Legged Therapies and Jenny Rolfe from Naturally Classical. 

Small groups of 4 riders and horses for the Full Day: £65pp and ph (per horse) 

Students and Spectators welcome : £15pp 

2020 Dates: 

Sat April 4th

Sat June 6th

Sat July 25th

Sat Sept 26th

Please email for more information: 

Dissection Weekend


Dissection Weekend

February 2020 

This weekend will be run by Dr Antonia Milner-Matthews & hosted by Little Green Stables, in conjunction with Cassie Hall from Four Legged Therapies and Clive Ponsford from Progressive Hoofcare. 

The weekend is Fully Booked but future dates will be announced

Please email for more information: 

Equine Podiatry


Equine Podiatry:

Sat 14th March - 9.30am - 4pm

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Join us at Little Green Stables for a Canter through the Equine Foot

A must for owners and therapists that would like a deeper understanding of the hoof and whole horse health. 

We look at the function of the foot and how the foot works for the horse. 

We look at the anatomy of the foot and how the parts work together. 

Throughout the morning we look at how to assess the health of the foot. 

In the afternoon we look at how to assess foot health and pedal bone position in a hands-on practical session. 

To finish the day, we will review everything we have learned about the horses we have seen in the afternoon. 

 The day covers theory, practical, full foot assessment, hoof conditions, a healthy hoof and a non healthy hoof, extensive coverage of the digital cushion and ddft, handouts, assessment sheets and more!!  

Equine Podiatry is hosted by Little Green Stables and are held in conjunction with Clive Ponsford from Progressive Hoofcare

£75 per person

Please email to book your place: 

Future CPD.s Talks & Presentations


Offering a range of talks to local riding clubs, pony clubs and like minded animal folk. We also offer training for therapists covering a range of CPD subjects. 

Our 2020 Equine and Canine Owner and CPD planning is well under way  covering the following topics:

2020 Dates 

  • Equine  Dissection Weekend:  Feb 2020: SOLD OUT
  • Equine Podiatry: with hoof jedi: Clive Ponsford from Progressive Hoofcare: Sat 14th March, £75pp
  • Top to Toe for the Horse and Rider with Classical Rider, Author and Legend: Jenny Rolfe: 
  • Sat 4th April,
  • Sat 6th June
  •  Sat 25th July,
  • Sat 26th Sept.  Day Rate for Horse and Rider £65.pp and ph.  Spectators and Students welcome: £15pp
  • Equine Biomechanics:  Sat May 9th, £75pp
  • Equine Gait & rehab : Sat June 27th, £75pp
  • Equine Common Conditions with Dr Antoina Milner-Matthews: Sat Sept 12th: £75pp
  • Equine Gut & Diet: Sat Oct 10th, £75pp with Clive Ponsford & Linda Bennis from Total Horse Feed. 
  • Spring & Summer Forage walks: TBC
  • Canine workshops: TBC

Brought to you by Little Green Stables, Cassie Hall from Four Legged Therapies & in conjunction with Progressive Hoof Care:  and Jenny Rolfe: 


Dawn Westcott from The Exmoor Pony Project has been attending our talks, you can read her blog here 

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