Equine Workshop - Owner's Days


 Owner's Guide to Functional Anatomy and Introduction to Basic Massage:

Ever wanted to develop an understanding of your horse's anatomy, how tack, exercise and husbandry can affect their mobility, performance and wellbeing? 

Our Owner's Days cover just that, we look at the anatomy of your horse and help you to:

  • Enhance your relationship with your horse
  • Obtain a better understanding of your horse's conformation and gait
  • Learn how basic massage techniques can improve how your horse moves and performs
  • Stretching for suppleness techniques
  • Provide a Bespoke therapeutic lesson for you and your horse to learn going forward.

Owner's Days are hosted by Little Green Stables and are held in conjunction with Cassie Hall from Four Legged Therapies. 

2019 Dates:

Saturday March 30th - 10.30am-4pm

Saturday May 11th - 10.30am -4pm

Saturday July 27th - 10.30am - 4pm

Hosted at Little Green Stables - Bring your own Horse £65pp Stable included.


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Continuing Professional Development


 Equine Biomechanics and Exercises to Aid Performance :

8th June 2019 - 9.30am - 4pm 


This CPD day in Somerset is provided by Rebeccah Baylis from Little Green Stables in conjunction with Cassie Hall, from Four Legged Therapies and is aimed at Merishia Massage graduates, but we welcome other equine manual therapists.

The day consists of:

Over-view of the musculoskeletal structure of the horse including prime movers and their actions.

Demonstration of pole exercises to improve proprioception, hoof-eye co-ordination, joint mobility and foot placement. 

Bio-mechanics for the horse in different roles. 

Participants will come away with an insight into concussion forces, practical exercises that can support riders and horses with the focus on loading muscles for the strengthening phase and developing increased joint mobility and proprioception. 

About Becky: Passionate about Horses and their enrichment using a holistic approach who has trained in Veterinary Physiotherapy with TCAP. She is also a qualified Equine Massage Therapist, with further equine training in Acupressure, Myofascial Release and Mobilisation, as well as being an Equine Herbal Consultant. 

About Cassie: Producer, Trainer and Eventer with an Equine Behaviour degree, qualified in Equine Massage with further equine training in Acupressure, Myofascial Release and Mobilisation. 


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Summer Herbal Forage


Summer forage walk:

3rd August - 10am - 1pm

Join us as we explore our hedgerows to learn & find out about the power of plants. 

Bring some bags, paper & pen as we will take a journey through our local countryside to harvest & find our native herbs that can support our animals & indeed ourselves. 

Lead by a professional forager we will learn, how to pick, where to pick, what to pick & of course be respectful to leave enough for Mother Nature.

Small groups of 10 at £10pp, email to book your place. Dogs welcome on leads if well behaved :) 

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Talks and Presentations


Offering a range of talks to local riding clubs, pony clubs and like minded animal folk. We also offer training for therapists covering a range of CPD subjects. 

Our 2019/20 Equine & Canine Winter Series planning is well under way  covering the following topics:

  • Hoof Health - Function of the Equine Hoof.
  • Balance of the Horse and Hoof
  • Animal Herbal Self Selection
  • Equine Gut and Diet 
  • Laminitis Special
  • Canine Massage & Anatomy for owners. Including a free introduction to Hydrotherapy.
  • Equine Massage & Anatomy for owners.
  • Equine Rehabilitation - Therapists.
  • Equine Gait & Conformation - Therapists.
  • Equine Evolution
  • A Canter through the Equine Hoof - Therapists

And  More!! 

Brought to you by Little Green Stables, Cassie Hall from Four Legged Therapies & in conjunction with Progressive Hoof Care: 


Dawn Westcott from The Exmoor Pony Project has been attending our talks, you can read her blog here 

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 Little Green Stables

2019/20 Winter Dates: Coming Soon

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